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How to Ensure a Safe Pregnancy ?

Healthcare is a necessary part of pregnancy and this process is called parental care. With the right routine and care you can have a physically fit and healthier baby. With health care or parental care, you have a baby at the right time who is neither premature nor late. Babies who are born too early are usually at risk of suffering from a lot of health issues.

Your doctor or midwife is the right choice for childbirth and to figure out and avoid any health issues that may appear along the journey. Therefore, it is necessary to get yourself checked timely and follow other basics that we have mentioned in this article to avoid any sort of problem. 

  1. Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Water is one of the most important ingredients to survive in this life. It is even more important for ladies who are pregnant. It is highly essential to drink liquid and stay hydrated during pregnancy. The lack of water in the body causes dehydration. Dehydration during pregnancy may lead to constipation which becomes problematic during pregnancy. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated with water, fresh juices, and other healthy beverages. 

According to one estimate, a pregnant woman must drink 8 (200ml) glasses of water/fluid daily. This amount may vary according to the lifestyle. Besides that, it is vital to restrict your intake of caffeinated beverages during pregnancy. Also, avoid the intake of fizzy drinks or energy drinks as it may affect the normal development of a baby.  

  1. Medical Care During Pregnancy

Regular prenatal checkups are necessary during pregnancy. At your primary visit, the health care provider might do a pregnancy test to figure out the duration of pregnancy. It is always essential to get checkups during your first trimester as the lady suffering from severe health conditions like diabetes etc might see the severity of their condition which may necessitate the abortion in the first trimester. 

The first trimester abortion procedure is comparatively less risky and painful. In conditions where the health of a mother is at risk, doctors may advise abortion. The doctor may also keep your weight and blood pressure in check for healthy delivery at the end. The ultrasound in the later stages helps you confirm the date of delivery. During the second trimester, the heartbeat of the baby is checked, which requires regular prenatal checkups.

  1. Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you have to eat for two. So never compromise on your diet by cutting calories and following strict diet routines. Normally women carrying one baby need around 400 extra calories per day in their second trimester and even more in the third one. This amount may vary for women who are quite thin, have to stay active throughout the day, or carry multiple tasks. 

Pregnant women need to incorporate food that will enhance the baby’s development and growth like fruits, vegetables, meat, and low-fat dairy products to mention a few. Sometimes, some nutrition can not be completely taken through food such as zinc and iron for which the doctor recommended supplements.

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